Thursday, 12 November 2015


You know why a poem is beautiful?
For me, every poem says a lot of thing even if it only has one sentence.
From one person to another, the meaning of the same poem could be different. That's what makes it meaningful. There was a poem, written by Komachi. She lived in 9th century.

"Though I go to you ceaselessly along dream paths, the sum of those trysts is less than a single glimpse granted in the waking world."

There was the translation as well, but it's still hard to understand.
The translate says, "i go often" but the writer choose the word "kayoedomo" which means "to come and go" or "to commute."
And then she wrote "hitome" but she wrote is as一目 which is read as hito and means "a person."
Then it could be translated as "a glimpse of a person." which in other word, a symbol of a loved one.

In the last line, the writer wrote "mishigoto which is taken from the word "miki" while it is the past tense of "miru", to see.

And the last, she wrote "arazu" it is written "mishigoto wa arazu" as a complete sentence. And the same like "de wa nai" the word arazu means, it is not, it is different.
The full meaning was simply, "I go often to you in my dreams, but I never see you in the real word."

I always think of how sad this poem could be to see her loved one only in her dreams, to walk in every paths but never found him.
But today I give the poem to you so you know how I interpreted the poem in my own by the thoughts of you.

The first line says how I wanted to meet the right person to love it says kayoedomo for that person was coming and then gone. While domo means although because, although you have come, I was letting another people walk into my life.

The wrong people come and go because they aren't the right choice. while you come and go because we never realized it sooner. And related the next word about the dream paths, thus,  I always dreamed about my love.

I can only see you in my dreams, as a dream and I thought we haven't met. So that I often go to you in my dreams. But in my dreams, hitome. I can only see the glimpse of a person because I don't know exactly of a person who always dreaming about.

But then in the last line. It says in the real word, also dream, there is no different. I can only see a glimpse of someone. So I realized, since the first line written, the writer may have met her loved one.
The dream and reality have no difference because he came, without the writer realized it before.

You come and go, I can only see you in my dream, cause I didn't even try to reach you. I was dreaming while my dream has come true. I thought my dream was still a dream that everyday I come to see you there.

But in my dreams, I can't see you clearly because you were in my reality. But in reality, I can't see you clearly because I thought I still have to wait for my dreams to be come true. And in the first translation, it says, in the waking world the dream is finally granted.


With all my love,

一Aira chan.

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